Hanoi Cinnamon Your Trusted Source for Premium Cinnamon Products

Hanoi Cinnamon Your Trusted Source for Premium Cinnamon Products

Explore the exceptional quality and rich flavors of Hanoi Cinnamon, a trusted supplier of premium cinnamon products. Sourced from the finest cinnamon plantations, this brand offers a wide range of top-grade cinnamon products for wholesalers.

1. General information about the brand Hanoi Cinnamon 

For over 25 years, Hanoi Cinnamon has been at the forefront of wholesaling Vietnamese highly-regarded cinnamon products. As a trailblazer in utilizing the power of the Internet for transnational business, Hanoi Cinnamon has established itself as a trusted partner with numerous counterparts worldwide.

Supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Hanoi Cinnamon embarked on a national project to showcase the best Vietnamese cinnamon products to the global market. With the guiding principle of “Quality is King,” Hanoi Cinnamon is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

We are immensely grateful for the trust and ardent affection bestowed upon us by our valued customers. At Hanoi Cinnamon, their relentless pursuit of excellence drives them forward.

The achievements speak for themselves:

– History of development: Spanning over 25 years, the Hanoi Cinnamon brand has evolved and thrived, building a strong reputation for reliability and quality.

– International network: With exports reaching an impressive 80 countries, Hanoi Cinnamon has successfully established a global presence, forging strong partnerships across continents.

– Headquarters: Hanoi Cinnamon brand proudly operates from two offices strategically located in Vietnam and the United States, enabling us to efficiently serve our valued partners worldwide.

– Monthly supply capacity: With an impressive capacity to deliver 15,000 tons of Hanoi Cinnamon per month, they ensure a consistent and reliable supply to meet the demands of our global clientele.

At Hanoi Cinnamon, they remain committed to upholding the highest standards in everything they do. From the cultivation of cinnamon in the lush Vietnamese plantations to the seamless delivery to your doorstep, Hanoi Cinnamon takes pride in our role as a leading wholesaler of Vietnamese cinnamon. Trust Hanoi Cinnamon for exceptional quality, unparalleled service, and a legacy of excellence.

General information about the brand Hanoi Cinnamon

2. Why wholesalers should choose Hanoi Cinnamon to buy

There are a lot of reasons why wholesalers should choose Hanoi Cinnamon to buy cinnamon products such as a diverse range of products, trusted quality assurance process, transparent and efficient shipping. 

2.1. Hanoi Cinnamon provides a wide range of products

Hanoi Cinnamon offers a diverse range of products to cater to various customer needs. Our product offerings include:

– Vietnamese Tube Cinnamon: Perfect for infusing flavors in beverages, desserts, and baked goods.

– Vietnamese Cinnamon Oil: Extracted from premium cinnamon, Hanoi Cinnamon’s oil adds a delightful aroma and flavor to a wide range of recipes.

– Vietnamese Split Cinnamon: Ideal for garnishing and decorating dishes, adding visual appeal along with a touch of cinnamon flavor.

– Vietnamese Stick Cinnamon: Versatile and convenient, Hanoi Cinnamon whole cinnamon sticks are excellent for brewing aromatic teas or adding flavor to stews and curries.

– Vietnamese Cigarette Cinnamon: Cigarette cinnamon measures 8-10 cm. It is rolled into cigarette-like sticks. Due to their aroma and flavor, well-rolled sticks with higher moisture and oil content may cost more. 

– Vietnamese Cinnamon Powder: A finely ground cinnamon powder that is easily incorporated into recipes, perfect for baking, cooking, or sprinkling over drinks.

– Vietnamese Broken Cinnamon: A cost-effective option that is ideal for wholesale buyers who require cinnamon for processing, further manufacturing, or grinding.

With this diverse product range, Hanoi Cinnamon caters to a wide range of customer needs, ensuring that you can find the right cinnamon product for your specific requirements. From infusing rich flavors to adding visual appeal and convenience, our offerings are designed to enhance the culinary experience and meet the demands of our valued customers.

2.2. Hanoi Cinnamon has the reliable product assessment process

Hanoi Cinnamon is committed to upholding a reliable and trustworthy quality assurance process. As part of its dedication to delivering the highest quality cinnamon products, the company has obtained several prestigious certifications issued under international standards. These certifications serve as a testament to Hanoi Cinnamon’s commitment to excellence and ensure the reliability and safety of its products. The following are the certifications achieved:

  1. OCOP Certificate: Hanoi Cinnamon has been recognized with an OCOP Certificate as a participant in the One Commune One Product (OCOP) program. This certification showcases the company’s adherence to the program’s standards and confirms the authenticity and quality of its cinnamon products.
  2. Certificate in Food Hygiene and Safety: The company has obtained a certificate demonstrating compliance with strict food hygiene and safety regulations. This certification assures customers that Hanoi Cinnamon’s production processes meet the highest standards of cleanliness, sanitation, and quality control, ensuring the safety of its cinnamon products.
  3. ISO 22000:2005 Certificate: Hanoi Cinnamon has achieved the ISO 22000:2005 certification, which acknowledges its commitment to maintaining a comprehensive food safety management system. This certification validates that the company’s processes align with internationally recognized standards for food safety, covering aspects such as hazard analysis, traceability, and control measures throughout the supply chain.
  4. HACCP Certificate: Hanoi Cinnamon holds a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) certificate, confirming its implementation of a systematic approach to identify, evaluate, and control potential food safety hazards. This certification ensures that the company’s cinnamon products undergo thorough analysis and monitoring at critical control points, further guaranteeing their quality and safety.
  5. FDA Certificate: The company has also obtained certification from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This certificate signifies compliance with FDA regulations and standards, allowing Hanoi Cinnamon to confidently export its cinnamon products to the United States.

These certifications demonstrate Hanoi Cinnamon’s commitment to providing customers with trustworthy, high-quality cinnamon products. The company continuously strives to uphold these standards, ensuring that customers receive the finest cinnamon that meets international benchmarks for safety and excellence.

Hanoi Cinnamon has the reliable product assessment process

2.3. Hanoi Cinnamon has a clear export shipping method for customers

Hanoi Cinnamon is dedicated to providing clear and transparent export shipping methods for its customers. The company understands the importance of ensuring that its cinnamon products reach international customers efficiently and in optimal condition. Here’s how Hanoi Cinnamon ensures a clear and reliable export shipping process:

  • Documentation and Compliance: Meticulous handling of all the necessary export documentation is a priority for Hanoi Cinnamon to comply with international trade regulations and requirements. The team is well-versed in the documentation process, including customs declarations, certificates of origin, and any other relevant paperwork needed for a smooth export process.
  • Packaging and Labeling: Hanoi Cinnamon prioritizes proper packaging and labeling to ensure the safety and integrity of its cinnamon products during transit. The packaging is designed to withstand international shipping conditions and protect the cinnamon from moisture, light, and potential damage. Each package is clearly labeled with relevant information, including product details, country of origin, and handling instructions.
  • Reliable Shipping Partners: Hanoi Cinnamon has established partnerships with reputable shipping companies specializing in international logistics. These partners have a proven track record in handling agricultural products and are well-equipped to handle export shipments. They ensure proper handling, storage, and timely delivery of the cinnamon products to various international destinations.
  • Trackable Shipments: Hanoi Cinnamon provides tracking services for its export shipments, allowing customers to monitor the progress of their orders from the moment they leave the company’s facilities until they reach the designated destination. This tracking feature offers transparency and reassurance to customers, ensuring they stay informed about the whereabouts of their cinnamon products.
  • Customer Support: Hanoi Cinnamon has a dedicated customer support team available to assist customers throughout the export shipping process. They provide timely updates, address any concerns or inquiries, and offer support to ensure a smooth and hassle-free shipping experience.

By maintaining a clear and reliable export shipping process, Hanoi Cinnamon aims to provide customers with confidence and peace of mind. The company strives to deliver its high-quality cinnamon products to international markets efficiently, ensuring their freshness and meeting customers’ expectations for timely and reliable export shipments.

3. The cinnamon purchasing process at Hanoi Cinnamon

Hanoi Cinnamon has a straightforward purchasing process to ensure a smooth and convenient buying experience for our customers. Here is an outline of our buying process:

  • Product Selection: Browse our wide range of cinnamon products available on our website or catalog. Hanoi Cinnamon offer various types such as Vietnamese tube cinnamon, Vietnamese cinnamon oil, Vietnamese split cinnamon, Vietnamese stick cinnamon, Vietnamese cigarette cinnamon, Vietnamese cinnamon powder, and Vietnamese broken cinnamon. Choose the products that meet your specific requirements and add them to your shopping cart.
  • Request for Quotation: If you are a wholesaler, you may have specific pricing and quantity requirements. Submit a request for a quotation, detailing the desired quantities and any other specific information. Hanoi Cinnamon’s dedicated sales team will review your request and provide you with a competitive and customized quotation.
  • Order Placement: Once you have received the quotation and are satisfied with the terms, proceed with placing your order. You can do this by confirming the order via email, phone, or through our online ordering system. Include all the necessary details such as product types, quantities, shipping address, and any special instructions.
  • Order Confirmation and Payment: After receiving your order, Hanoi Cinnamon will send you an order confirmation along with the total cost, including any applicable taxes, shipping fees, and discounts. Choose your preferred payment method, such as bank transfer, credit card, or other agreed-upon options. Make the payment as per the provided instructions.
  • Processing and Packaging: Once the payment is confirmed, Hanoi Cinnamon’s team will start processing your order. Hanoi Cinnamon carefully select the requested products, ensuring they meet our strict quality standards. The products will be packaged securely to protect them during transit and maintain their freshness.
  • Shipment and Delivery: Hanoi Cinnamon work with reliable shipping partners to ensure prompt and secure delivery of your order. The shipping method will depend on your location and preferences. Hanoi Cinnamon provides tracking details so that you can monitor the progress of your shipment. Rest assured, they strive to deliver your order in a timely manner.
  • Customer Support: Throughout the purchasing process, Hanoi Cinnamon’s dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any inquiries, concerns, or additional information you may need. We aim to provide exceptional customer service and ensure your satisfaction with our products and services.

At Hanoi Cinnamon, we prioritize a seamless and efficient buying process for our customers. Our goal is to make it easy for you to access our high-quality cinnamon products and meet your specific business needs.

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